Mission Home


The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people.
— Psalm 69:33

Jesus was among the marginalized during His time on earth — those who were consistently and deliberately outcast by society. As a church, we reach out and minister to inmates in prisons or jails to bring hope and restoration. Mission Home provides support and help inmates transition into society. All donations to Mission Home will go directly to provide shelter for the marginalized and transform their lives through Jesus Christ.

  • Provide shelter for those who are discharged from prison or those without a home.
  • Individuals who stay in the facility must be willing to be discipled and trained to make disciples.
  • Run the mission home as a missional community.
  • Seek community transformation in Solano County and beyond.

US Tax Deduction Receipt is available for givings of $20 or above.


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