Monday Weekly Prayer 4.26.2021


  • God states clearly that He would forgive us if we forgive others, but if we refuse to forgive others, He will not forgive our sins (Matthew 6:14-15). Unforgiveness not only bring past bitterness and anger into our present life; it actually indicates that we do not truly understand the unconditional love of God. Who do you need to forgive? Who does God put in your heart in which He ask you to extend His grace and His love? God wants His servants to be an extension of His grace so that both you and the person you forgive would experience freedom and hope in His love.
  • God promised those who wait on Him will soar like eagles. They will continue to run and not be weary because they will receive renewed strength from Him (Isaiah 40:31).  At times we are so impatient that we either seek immediate results in our own way, or we just give up all together thinking that God will not listen. Pray that we would learn to endure and to wait on Him even when the night seems long. Pray that God would give us renewed strength and renewed grace everyday so that we would serve Him from the point of rest and power and not exhaustion. 
  • There will surely be different opinions and approaches among the people of God when it comes to doing ministries. Pray that we would guard our relationships and see its importance above our will. Pray that God would protect us from satan’s scheme to destroy our unity and love in our Kingdom pursuit.
  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the people and direct them to His faithful servants. Pray that those who are hurting, broken, lonely and desperate will be seen. Pray that we would be able to connect these people in our community and lead them away from darkness into the Light.
  • The Kingdom work will be completed within our lifetime if we press on and be faithful with a few things (Matthew 25:21). If we focus to teach at least one faithful person and ask them to do the same, we would reach the world within 34 years! Yes! All it takes is for us to make just one disciple per year and expect that person to multiple. Pray that we would be good and faithful servants of His and pray that we would all be faithful to obey, pray, train and share.