Monday Weekly Prayer 3.29.2021


  • As soon as the priests’ feet touched Jordan River, the river parted and the riverbed dried out, and all God’s people went across the river safely (Joshua 3). God desires us to first take a leap of faith and trust that He would part waters. What risks do we need to take for the sake of the Kingdom? Pray that we would take a leap of faith and take risks for the sake of His Kingdom.
  • The Lord dried up the Jordan River for His people, just as He did at the Red Sea (Joshua 4). If He had done it over and over again for His People in the past, He would surely do it for us today! Pray that He would part waters and lead us to the Promise Land where we would see Movement take place and His Kingdom multiply. 
  • Pray that the Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Matthew 24). Pray that God would multiply our faithfulness and use us to reach the nations, starting from our own neighborhood. Pray that God would connect us with the unreached people groups. 
  • Pray that Jesus would reveal to us our specific calling in our own mission field (family, relatives, neighborhood, friend’s circle, workplace, school etc) for this season.
  • Pray that we would be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, to love, to obey, to share and to train. Pray that we would respond to Him in absolute obedience. Pray that our disciples would learn from our examples and learn to respond to His voice.