Monday Weekly Prayer 4.5.2021


  • The Lord let the Israelites into victory at Jericho, but by the time they approached the small town named Ai, they were defeated (Joshua 7). Turns out it was Achan who has stolen what was set apart for the Lord. What have you taken from the Lord that is supposedly set aside for Him? Your possessions? Your success? Your Life? Your Time? Your Ministry? Your future? Comfort? Your talent? Return it to the Lord because they are not yours. What must be destroyed in your life that is set apart for destruction? Confess to Him and seek forgiveness. We will never defeat our enemy unless we remove what is meant for destruction and set aside what belongs to the Lord.
  • He chooses to give mercy to some and harden the hearts of others (Romans 9:16-29). We would never understand why He does what he does, but for sure we know He is sovereign, and it is only according to His mercy that we Gentiles can come to know Him as Lord. In other words, salvation is not by works, or even by “fairness”, but solely by grace and by His mercy. Pray to the Sovereign God to have mercy on those who are yet to believe.
  • Pray that a movement will begin in the next four years in the Bay Area and beyond. Pray that His word and His name would go viral, pray for a movement here that cannot be contained! 
  • Pray that we would be able to recognize the nations at our doorstep. Pray that we would faithfully reach our family, friends and neighbors for Christ. Pray that God would respond to our faithfulness, that He would rise up more workers from all tribe, language and nation so that they would reach their people for Christ.
  • Pray for us to recognize the prompting of the Holy Spirit when it comes to the right time to witness to our family and friends. Pray for boldness to share and the wisdom to respond to the questions from others.