Monday Weekly Prayer 4.12.2021


  • Out of all the Israelites who got out of Egypt, only Joshua and Caleb were able to get into the promise land because they served the Lord wholeheartedly (numbers 32:12). They were focused; they served the Lord alone. God promised us that we would find Him if we serve Him wholeheartedly (Jeremiah 29:13). Only the wholehearted servants can witness His presence and His promise and that they would get to where the Lord promised them to be. Are you a wholehearted servant of the Lord? Pray that He would help us to be like Caleb and Joshua. What does it take to be the servant who serve Him wholeheartedly?
  • Pray for miracles, signs, healing and wonders to take place in your life, your family and friends and those whom you are witnessing to. Pray that through these miracles that God would be glorified. Pray that these signs would point them to Jesus. 
  • Pray that we would preach the word of God boldly. Pray that Holy Spirit would help us to be prepared to share and witness with courage, whether the time is favorable or not (2 Timothy 4:2). Ask God to give us wisdom to patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage our disciples and those whom we are witnessing to. Pray that Holy Spirit would reveal to us the right time and the right words to share. 
  • Pray that God will raise up more intercessors to pray unceasingly for movement to come to California, Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina and Indiana. Pray for teams to form in these area. Pray for unity among practitioners, that all will remove our ego and our logo and collaborate for kingdom’s sake. Pray for specific visions locally. 
  • Pray that connections be made among the UPGs in our area, including the Jordanians, Palestinians, Yemeni, Turks, Syrians, Indians and more. Pray that God would connect us to those who are potential people of peace, whom He prepared. Pray that God would raise up more workers to the harvest. Pray that more workers would dedicate themselves to reach the UPGs. Pray that movement will begin among these people groups.