Monday Weekly Prayer 5.17.2021


  1. Those who are faithful and those who are disheartened spied on the same promised land (Numbers 13:30-33); but how they see the land and how they see their enemies reflect on how they view their God. It determines whether they would conquer the land or whether they would be defeated. Who are our giants? Identify them. Are we seeing our giants bigger than our God? Do we feel like grasshoppers at times? (Maybe we really are grasshoppers… but it does not matter to our Mighty God!) Pray that we would focus on God’s mighty power and not on our own little strength! Our focus determines our view and it determines whether we will take down the place or not. It demonstrates whether we are faithful or disobedient. 
  2. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine (John 15:4-11). Pray that we would remain in Him. Pray that more would be willing to participate in intentional prayer, particularly for movement among the unreached people groups in our region. The success of our work solely depends on our prayer and obedience. Pray as though our lives and our hope solely depend on it! 
  3. What are some of the people groups and countries that are represented in your metropolitan areas? Name them and pray for each people group. Ask God to raise up a person of peace for each people group in your area. 
  4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon our neighbors, friends, family, or people He is preparing for us to meet. Pray for Him to touch hearts and prepare the soil ready for harvest. Pray for open doors for the Gospel. Pray that more people are equipped and willing to share their stories and God’s story. Pray for more seed sowing activities in our region. 
  5. Pray for discernment and understanding of God’s will. Pray that we would be able to identify those who are distractions (those who waste your time) and those we need to pour deeply into. Pray for obedience and grace to say “no” to good things so that we can say “yes” to God’s thing.