Monday Weekly Prayer 3.15.2021


  • Pay that we as a team would consecrate ourselves and set our lives aside for the kingdom. Pray for more radical obedience in the team.
  • Pray that our churches and individuals would catch the vision from the Lord to pursue movement and to persevere. Pray that there would be unity. Pray that we would unite through our one and only vision from God.
  • Pray that all would be sold out for Jesus. Pray that we would be so desperate that we would not have a plan B.
  • Pray that God would connect us all with the people of peace and allow God’s word and love to penetrate in Jews and gentiles alike.
  • Pray that our work would begin among the gentiles. Pray that God would open the door for the Yemeni and Arabs and Palestinians. Pray that we would connect with the last the lost and the least.