Monday Weekly Prayer 7.12.2021


  1. As the Israelites conquer the land they were told by the Lord to wipe out all the inhabitants before them. But the Gibeonites deceived the Israelites by telling them they came from afar. The Israelites examined their belonging carefully without inquiring the Lord (Joshua 9:14). As a result, Joshua violated the Lord’s order by making a treaty of peace with them. The story teaches us that it is important to consult God for wisdom in every move we make. Pray that we would honor God’s sovereign power by seeking His specific will as we pursue the Kingdom movement.
  2. Joshua prayed a daring prayer in front of all people of Israel to stop the sun and the moon over Gibeon until Israel defeated the enemies (Joshua 10:12). And the Lord listened to him. Would you dare to pray that kind of pray? Why not? Most of us do not pray like that (especially before others) because we are afraid God might not answer. But Joshua knew God and His attributes. He has an intimate relationship with the Lord and he knows that God is the God who answers our earnest prayer. I challenge you to pray daringly for your family, your disciples and your city today. What is something in your context that only God can achieve? Trust in the Lord and commit all your plans to Him. He who started the work would take it to the finish line, though how it takes place is determined by our prayers. 
  3. Human hearts could be stubborn and wicked at times. We try so much to change our behavior and do good by following the law, but it is hard to change our thoughts and our desires. Pray that the Lord would circumcise our hearts and help us to be His true disciples (Romans 2:29). Pray for our hearts to change and that the Spirit would direct us toward the Kingdom path. For God’s people are the ones whose hearts are changed by the Spirit. Pray that we would truly be His servants who would do everything to please Him. 
  4. Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Tim 6:5). Pray that God would give us contentment and a heart of thanksgiving. Pray that we would set our goal towards eternality so that we would look past the short term earthly gain or comfort. Pray that we would stay focused and not wander from the faith (1 Tim 6:10). 
  5. As we participate in this movement pursuit, pray that God would help us to seek righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness (1 Timothy 6:11). 
  6. Pray that we and our disciples would fight a good fight of the faith (1 Timothy 6:12)! Pray that we would persevere till the end and give God the glory He deserves. Pray that God would give us and our disciples clarity and Kingdom vision so that we would gladly participate in the Kingdom purpose that is bigger than ourselves and our selfish endeavors.