Monday Weekly Prayer 8.16.2021


No movement takes place solely by talented leaders or excellent strategies. All movements has ONE thing in common, and that is FERVENT PRAYER. We can learn a lot from the posture of Elijah’s prayer which raised the widow’s son from death (1 King 17:19-21). 

  • being alone with God (He carried her son to the upper room)
  • crying out (his earnest prayer, no mere lip service)
  • his covenant relationship with the Lord (O Lord my God)
  • his persistence (he stretched himself out to the dead body 3 times)
  • his appeal to God’s mercy (he cried out to the Lord)
  • his specific petition (let the boy’s life return)
  1. Pray that all of us who are laboring for His Kingdom would spend time in private prayer and not just corporate prayer. Pray that more will see the importance of surrendering in His will by seeking God in prayer. Pray that more would join in prayer ministry, which is indeed the most important ministry.
  2. Pray that our prayers and our conversation with the Lord are not just rituals or lip service. Pray that we would fervently cry out, seek Him and seek His counsel in everything we do. 
  3. Pray that laborers and practitioners would have an intimate, covenant relationship with the Lord. 
  4. Pray for persistence in our prayer life even when there is no hope or no signs of progress or hope. Pray for the consistent passion and earnestness of his people to reach God. Pray that we would endure troubles, hardships and distresses while developing spiritual patience (2 Corinthians 6:4). This is God’s trial for anyone who He appoints. Pray that we would pass the test of our faith and persevere (James 1:3). 
  5. Pray that we would seek God’s mercy and that God would act on His mercy and kindness. Pray for His mercy to come upon people who are struggling in sin. 
  6. Pray that we would dare to ask great things. “Ask and you shall receive!” No one in the past has been raised from the dead up to this point when Elijah prayed his prayer for the the boy. Pray that we would make specific petitions and request, because nothing is too hard for the Lord (this proves how much we trust Him and how much we know that God is the God who answers prayers). 
  7. Pray that we would consecrate ourselves and make right with God before we seek His hand. “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their prayer (1 Peter 3:12).” 
  8. Pray that we would seek the Lord with EXPECTATION and not to waver. Do not doubt the Lord, lest we would return empty-handed (James 1:6). 
  9. Pray for remarkable joy in suffering and hardships (this is the proof that we have Christ in our hearts). 
  10. Pray for continue development of God’s team in the Bay Area and pray for unity of the team. 
  11. Pray for deliverance of brokenness and sin. Pray for God to destroy the plans of the enemy in order to set the captives free. 
  12. Pray for laborers for harvest and for movement to take place in your specific city or area. 
  13. Pray for protection of our families and healing for the sick.