Monday Weekly Prayer 8.8.2021


  1. God remembered Hannah’s plea for a child, and He granted her the wish to give her Samuel in due time. Hannah named her son Samuel, which means heard by God, because she knew she asked for a son and the Lord has heard her (1 Samuel 1:19-20). God ALWAYS remember our prayers even though it might not seem to be so. Sometimes our wait is long, but in due time He would answer. He hears us. Pray that God would remember our plea for His Kingdom to come and His will be done here in the Bay Area. Pray that the Lord would hear our plea and remember us so that He would send more laborers. Ask specifically how you would want to see change in your city, town and state. Ask for God to help our disciples to have a change of heart… be specific! Because just like Hannah, this is how we know God would truly answer our prayer. He is indeed a faithful God. 
  2. Mary is blessed because she believed that the Lord would do what He said (Luke 1:45). Pray for our faith in the Lord so that we would not be discouraged or be alarmed when things are going the wrong way. Pray that we would just believe not because we are seeing it happening, but even when there is no signs of movement at all. Pray that we would trust even when things are stagnant. Pray that we would keep our eyes above the waves and rest in His promises. 
  3. Jesus did not want us to be delivered from the world, but He did prayed that we would be kept safe from the evil one (john 17:15). Pray that we would be protected from the the enemies attacks. Pray that we would be delivered from the enemies’ schemes and his temptation. Pray that God would remove distractions and help us not to deviate from His mission even when trouble comes. Pray that God would watch over us and our family and protect them from satan’s harm. 
  4. It is only through love and unity that we reach the world, and the enemy knows it well! Pray for Lord to be in us and us to be in Him. Pray that we may experience the perfect unity so that the world will know that the Father has sent His son and that He love us as much as He loves Jesus (John 17:23). Pray that we would drop our logos and egos and to be truly set free in His love. Pray that we would all unite in the same mission and vision. Pray that through our love for one another that others may see Jesus. Let us reach the world through the love and Jesus and the unity of His Church.
  5. Pray that we would all focus on finding our two or three and pour in deeply to them no matter the cost. It is through focusing on the two or three that our mission would be accomplished.